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Engaging all your Students: A New Approach to Designing Lessons & Activities that Accommodate Students' Innate Learning Differences

  • Sparr Heights Community Center, Garden Room (map)
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Course Description

Thank you for participating in our Human Dynamics course for teachers. In this course you will learn a new approach to understanding people and design and conduct learning activities in ways that accommodate the innate learning, communication and developmental needs of all of your students in the classroom.  Through an enjoyable, highly interactive process involving presentations, individual and group exercises, discussions, hands-on activities, films and text – you will be able to enhance communication, classroom camaraderie and student achievement in any core academic subject.

Compensation for this series is two salary points, which will be granted upon completion of 15 course hours (3 hours each class) and 30 hours of homework. This course will be available at regular intervals throughout the year.   Please fill out the form below to sign-up.

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I understand that this course is an optional professional development program offered by Human Dynamics International in exchange for LAUSD salary point credit. In order to earn the credit, I will have to attend 5 in-person PDs and complete 30 hours of homework assignments in full. *
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