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The Human Dynamics® Teacher Training Program

Foundational principles for reshaping education

I The Human Dynamics Teacher Training Program is a holistic approach to teaching and learning.  The program is the outcome of extensive qualitative research and experience conducting teacher training programs in schools in many countries, including Sweden where over 25,000 teachers have been trained. The knowledge of Human Dynamics exerted a significant influence on the entire educational system there.   In addition to Teacher Training, many of the participating schools regularly present Human Dynamics workshops for parents, so that teachers and parents can effectively collaborate in fostering each student's learning and development. 

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“As educators were touched by this theory for learning, they began to understand themselves, their students and their organizations better. We could spin Human Dynamics in three directions simultaneously: organizationally, personally and educationally!”
— Robert Barkley, Jr., Executive Director, National Education Association
I have found the Human Dynamics body of knowledge to be a powerful tool in my work in public education. It provides the ultimate knowledge to differentiate instruction and meet the learning needs of individual students.
— Kay Chatterton, Utah Education Association
Over 25,000 teachers have now received Human Dynamics training in Sweden. Human Dynamics training enables us to understand and accommodate the different learning and developmental needs of our students, making our work as teachers both easier and much more successful.
— Berit Bergström, Sweden Educator