Human Dynamics® Program for Youth

Promoting Self-Knowledge:  Cognitive, Emotional, and Social Development


  • Learn how the Human Dynamics® Program for Youth significantly transforms the lives of adolescents and young adults
  • Discover how the program helps young people recognize and appreciate themselves and others
  • Observe how youth develop a positive self and group identity
  • See how the program facilitates well being, collaboration and teamwork


One of the most crucial and valuable skills youth can acquire is self-knowledge. The purpose of the Human Dynamics® Program for Youth is to transform the lives of at-risk youth and young adults by promoting their understanding and appreciation of themselves and others, together with tools and practices for their continuing cognitive, emotional and social development that will help them succeed in school, the workplace, and in their family and personal relationships. 


The Human Dynamics® Program for Youth was developed and implemented over a five year period at a public high school serving at-risk youth who had not been successful in the conventional high schools.  Most of the students at the school experience a life with one or more of the following influences that are recognized as factors that contribute to them being defined as at-risk:


Gang Influence

Drug Abuse

Confusion about Cultural Identity

Lack of Parental Guidance

Domestic Violence

Sexual Abuse

What is Unique about the Human Dynamics Program for Youth?

The newly created Human Dynamics® Program for Youth is unique in that it is the first Human Dynamics program to address the crucial stage in life’s journey of adolescence and in particular the issues faced by at-risk youth.  It is also unique in its field in that it focuses on the personal development of the youth themselves through a profound process of self-discovery.  

How Does the Program Work?

The program has two concurrent components:  

1) a series of thirty, 90 minute weekly group sessions,

      supplemented by

2) weekly or bi-weekly individual counseling sessions. 


How do People become Trained to Conduct the Program?

Those who are interested in becoming facilitators of The Human Dynamics® Program for Youth should have a passion for working with youth as well as experience in a teaching, clinical, or counseling capacity. 

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“Our students who have been the direct beneficiaries of Dr. Eve Seagal’s Human Dynamics groups have shown tremendous improvement in their overall academic performance and in their personal lives. Many of our students come to us with low self-esteem and come from very hostile environments, and are confused about their roles in their family, school, and society. Human Dynamics has allowed them to become truly introspective, and they are not afraid now to discuss their individual situations and their feelings about themselves and their lives.”
— Raul Aguilar, Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District
If it weren’t for the Human Dynamics Program, I would have been dead or in jail. I want to let you know that this program changed my life.
— Student, LAUSD Continuation High School
Human Dynamics changed my life for the better. I never thought I would have an opportunity to go through a program like this while I was in high school! Through HD I learned to believe in myself and to set boundaries with other people. If it wasn’t for Human Dynamics, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
— Student, LAUSD Continuation High School

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