Organizational Development

  • Discover how the Human Dynamics® body of knowledge can significantly improve your ability to communicate, relate with and lead others
  • Experience a profound process of self-discovery that reveals your natural way of assimilating information, learning and communicating
  • Learn to recognize and appreciate the innate differences in others and the gifts each person has to contribute
  • Build high-functioning teams that produces extraordinary results by leveraging each team member's innate strengths and capacities.

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When Human Dynamics programs are widely disseminated in organizations, each individual contributes to the development of the organizational community.  People come together in mutual understanding, appreciation and respect across what are frequently the divisions of nationality, culture, age, race and gender.  Organizations become more harmonious and qualitatively productive.



The Human Dynamics® Program for Personal, Interpersonal, and Team Development


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Based on my extensive experience with Human Dynamics®, an understanding of the basic functioning of people allows one to construct solutions when dealing with people in virtually all circumstances. This foundational understanding eliminates the need for almost all of the “how to deal with humans” courses that are typically used in most organizations today.
— Claude Teisinger, Factory Manager, Dow Chemical Corporation