What is Human Dynamics?

Human Dynamics® is a body of knowledge that identifies and describes previously unrecognized inner differences in people.

These inner differences affect the ways in which people think, plan and learn; experience emotions; communicate and relate with others; and go about engaging in activities and projects.

The Human Dynamics® research has shown that these distinctions in inner functioning in people exist everywhere regardless of culture, race, age, or gender.

These differences:

  • Exist among family members

  • Characterize the students in every classroom

  • Are present in any group of people anywhere attempting to work together.

When these inner differences remain unknown, the result is commonly:

  • Much misunderstanding among people

  • Failure in relationships

  • Relatively unsuccessful teaching, parenting and counseling

  • Unproductive teamwork

  • Poor management practices

However, when these inner differences in people are fully understood, the door is open for:

  • Ever growing self-understanding and understanding of others

  • More insightful and successful relationship building

  • More effecting teaching, parenting and counseling

  • The development of outstanding teamwork

These results come from understanding one another’s natural inner processes, and consciously utilizing each individuals natural gifts and capacities.

We invite you to take our introductory online program

This introductory course includes:

  • Instruction in the Human Dynamics® body of knowledge using films and slides including:

    • Distinguishing the mental, emotional and physical centerings in people

    • Films of the different personality dynamics in people (distinguishing inner differences), both vintage (research), and contemporary films

    • Live demonstrations of the “inner differences” in children as well as adults, with discussion of the implications for parents and teachers

    • Representatives of the different personality dynamics discussing their own communication preferences and needs

  • Exercises for applying the new knowledge in your personal life

  • Films that demonstrate the beneficial use of Human Dynamics® training in fields of:

    • Organizational development

    • Healthcare

    • Education

    • Youth development